Jonathan Edward Photography | Walk in the Park
I have started to challenge myself to create abstract images that blend elements from different scenes into one frame. I will take a hike and capture many pictures from a location then I will edit individual images and select a four, five or six pictures that will blend well together. I will use color selections, unique blending layers, masks, color brush strokes and other tools to achieve the finished image. Quite a bit of trial and error goes into creating a single image and the process can take awhile as there are endless variations to create using this approach, but there is a moment when you just say, "that its, done" and the final image is set... until you look at it again and want to start all over.
LostKitchawan Walk in the FallPhoto Cube Experiment #30Walk at Blue HillWalk in Rockefeller State ParkWalk at Blue Hill IIPhoto Cube Experiments #28Photo Cube Experiment #32Photo Cube Experiments #31Photo Cube Experiment #28AloneWalk in NYBGTree on a Wall